3. Quick Start Guide

(from 3.0.1 (Build:350) version and higher)

This chapter describes the main steps of eBay operations due to the latest updates of the Addon.

Take a note, the updated addon’s version is supported by the following versions of Store Manager:

  • Prestashop: date 04.01.2017; Magento: / release date 26.12.2016; OpenCart: / release date 22.02.2017; ZenCart: (Personal) / release date 09.02.2017;
  • VirtueMart: / release date 21.11.2016 & 1.10.1 (Build 645) / release date 02.11.2016 /WooCommerce Store Manager: / release date 08.17.2017.

Before installing and using the new version of eBay Integration addon make sure you have one of the Store Manager version listed above. In other cases, the addon won't work!