Export Products Template

Export Products Template allows you to set up the corresponding fields. Here you can see 2 required fields - "Title" and "Description".

Using right-click, select the table from your database that will be used as a "Title" (we have selected [product_name]) and specify product "Description".

You should also add additional information to the fields in the left. To do so, right-click next to each position and choose the required product field.

Macros are represented with the drop-down list and can be added to the selected field if you press the [Add] button:

The details will be linked in the right. Besides, in the "Description" field you can use common HTML tags after pressing the appropriate option. It opens the "HTML editor" form.

There is also the possibility to fill all data automatically. Press the [Fill Automatically] button to perform this action.

To be able to preview export data, press the [Next] button.