Export Settings

This step provides the following settings fields:

The "Export Methods" pane consists of the following checkboxes:

  • "Create new eBay items" - replenish eBay listings with new acquisitions.

  • "Update existing active eBay items" - allows to update previously exported on eBay products data only with active status.

  • "Relist item if it is inactive" - refresh the list of your eBay items after export, if it is currently inactive.

The "Export Product Options" pane:

  • "Do not create items with truncated titles". On eBay, there are some restrictions on the item titles that allow to place the products with the name up to 80 characters, in other cases, titles will be truncated. Current option helps to avoid adding to an eBay listing items with the cropped names.

  • "Export product only if quantity > 0". Items with quantity 1 and higher will be exported to an eBay store.

  • "Export only "In stock" products". The products with the status "In stock" will be exported.

  • "Do not update quantity if item exists". This checkbox is suitable during updating previously exported data on eBay (when the checkbox "Update existing active eBay items" is selected) and allows to leave the quantity of the existing products without changes. The rest of information will be updated.

  • "Export only new products exports". Only new records from the current listing will be exported.