How to use Expressions


Expressions help by using arithmetical formulas achieve the desired value. With expressions in eBay Integration plugin you can set the necessary values for products price after synchronization or export.

Performing export or product synchronization you have an opportunity to use formula for price generating on the 'Options' step:

- during export items:

eBay Listing Options

or while product synchronization:

Product synchronization

To open the drop-down list with all available indicators (macros) which you can use in formula use the right-mouse clicking or 'Insert' button.

Insert macros

Choose the one you need and using symbols "add-subtract", "multiply-divide" generate the expression.

For example, you want to reduce your special products price after export on 10 %. In order to do that, select necessary field macros from the drop-down list and use such formula:

formula for special price

In other words, this formula reflects the following arithmetical actions: 'special price - 10 %', where special price is 100 %, a decrease of 10 % is equal to 90% (100% - 10%), namely, current special price value will be changed in 0.9.

By helping with the test button (see the screenshot below) you can check the correctness of the created formula:

Test Formulas

Keeping this principle for formula generating you may get the required price value for other product price field as: product_price_net, group_price, tier_price etc.

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