3.2. Export Products to eBay

To start products export, follow these steps:

The first step starts from the "Select General Options" form.

Important! Please note that eBay limits the number of free monthly listings. Therefore, if you perform sample export from Store Manager to eBay we recommend you to do it with 1 product (or few products). Thus you will be able to test the addon and avoid exhausting your free seller limit.

Select General Options page Toolbar

Create New Configuration

To create a new configuration click [Add Configuration] and fill the form as shown below:

Add new configuration form
  • "Configuration Name" - specify the name you want to use. Take a note, the configuration name should be unique and cannot be duplicated. In other cases, you will get a such message:
Wrong configuration name
  • "Copy settings from" allows to copy eBay settings from the configuration that was used before
  • "Use with listing" expands product listings from the previous export operations and can be applied to the current process, as well.

Note: to create a new listing it's enough to specify a configuration name in the form and press the [OK] button. The rest fields can be unfilled.

A window to create a new products listing will appear on this step:

New Listing Form

Select categories positions, from which products will be taken from, and press the [OK] button to save the choice.

Once the list of products is completely uploaded to the current form, click the button to conserve.

Save Listing Changes

Edit Existing Listing

In case, you performed export operations before and have saved configurations on the left, if needed, make some modifications in the listing of products within the chosen configuration.

The [Modify Listing] option serves to perform such action:

Modify Listing tool

In the "Edit" form you can see some positions in green - these are the items which have been exported on eBay before and have the eBay ID.

Manage Product Listing

Use the top options to perform the following operations with the existing listing:

    • [Add Products] - upload new items to the listing from selected categories:
Add Products to Listing


An option to filter categories in the process of products adding can be found starting from 3.3.0.:Build 410 version of the addon.

New filter option
      • [Remove Selected] - highlighted products will be removed from a listing.
Remove Selected Products from Listing
      • [Remove All] - this action erases all products from a listing at once without exception.
Remove All option

Note: to restore a list of products that just have been removed or modified, click the [Back] button and confirm the following action in the pop-up notification:

discard changes in Listing

When you exit the "Edit" form, the content of the listing will be restored before modifications.

    • If the listing has positions in red, these items are removed from a store and will not be processed during export. You can delete them by using the [Clear Missing] button.
Clear missing

More Actions with Export Configurations

To clear configurations list from the unused positions, select necessary one and click the option in the top:

Delete Configuration option

To change the existing configuration name, use the [More Actions] button, and from the drop-down list choose "Rename configuration":

Rename Configuration
Save and Restore Options

< - Select the relevant options to save/restore export configuration(s) and synchronize configuration(s) at once.


On the right side of the page, there are the fields related to the account settings details.

The "eBay Account" area shows a username that is used during current session.

In case you perform operation via plugin for the first time, this area will be empty. Press the [Add account] button to activate your actual account.

Add account button

The store can be managed by several people, and each of them can be assigned to a separate eBay account. The "Account" area enables to registration of all users in eBay addon and the possibility to choose a login from the hidden list to "pull" necessary account details.

Account arrea

Note: account username will not show in the drop-down list until a user logs in to eBay Integration addon using his/her username/password. In case, a user is not registered yet or needs to add a new account to the list, follow the following steps:


< - Press this button in the account area.

Make a choice in the form which appears next:

&#39;Sing in&#39; or &#39;Register&#39; action

Once your account is correct, you should see the following page:

&#39;I agree&#39; step

To be able to move forward, click the [I Agree] button and complete the Authorization. If the selected account is acceptable, you will see the appropriate message in green.

Signed in account

Select General Options:

Depending on location that is activated at the store, choose the language position based on the store view from the drop-down list

Note: if you use Store Manager for Magento, you can see the drop-down list with appropriate store views in certain field! (as in the screen-capture below).

Select store view in Magento

Some eBay data (for example categories, shipping details, themes, etc) can be stored on your hard drive after interaction with eBay. If you want to remove this data, press [Clear Cached eBay Data] on the current page.

Clear Cached eBay Data

Select "Save eBay API requests and responses to log files" to place all requests and responses received from eBay during operations in the appropriate logs file on your local drive, and could be found by following the path:

C:\Users\$USERNAME$\AppData\Local\eMagicOne Store Manager for .....\eBayPlugin\RequestLogs

It is expedient to check this field to be able to track the progress of operations using logs.

Press [Next] to move forward.

Next on Select General Options step

Map General eBay Categories

Click on the "eBay Category Name" field and open the eBay categories drop-down list for mapping. Current stage of the process allows to link eBay categories to your store categories.

This page does not display all eBay categories. Only category associations for products from the current listing are displayed here.

Map eBay Categories listing

Note: the categories which are grey-outed and cannot be mapped are the root eBay categories. You should expand current category tree to find the positions for linking with the relevant categories of your store:

Expand Category Tree

Options available at this page include:

  • [Map Selected Categories] - only highlighted categories and their products will be linked with the corresponding eBay categories.
Notification during mapping
  • [Clear All Mapping] allows to cancel the previous mapping.
  • [Automap Relevance] means a minimum measure of compliance of the target results assigned in the search request. In other words, the greater percentage in this field, the greater conformity (similarity) will be between eBay products and items, which are exporting.


Starting from the last addon's update (version 3.3.2:422) you can use the additional eBay category in mapping. This service is paid and costs 35 cents per product in accordance with the rates on eBay:

Second Category Name in Mapping

Press [Next] to continue. You will see the following message if you have categories without mapping: You can leave as they are or map the rest ones from a list manually and proceed.

Note: product will not be exported to eBay until the category, it belongs to, is mapped with eBay category.

Map Your Personal eBay Store Categories

For more convenience, you can built own category tree in the eBay store Admin panel. On this step you are able to map products to your own categories positions.

Map Personal eBay Categories

To launch auto-mapping of categories press [Automap Categories] on the toolbar.

The [Refresh eBay Store Categories List] button helps to update the recent page and see the latest data.

You can skip the current step and press [Next] to proceed.

Select Category Settings

Select Category Settings

Main details on categories path to the exported data can be previewed on the left, namely:

  • Store category path to the products;
  • Category path on eBay marketplace, based on category positions selected on the previous steps (see the stage 2 above);
  • Item condition by default.
Default Item condition list

You can mark listed data as "New" ("New with tags", "New without tags", "New with defects") or "Pre-owned" ("Used") in bulk, by pressing the corresponding button:

Set as New or as Used condition

On the right, there is the list with item specifics. This data will be applied as an additional and enhance product information on the eBay marketplace:

Item Specifics

You can use some auxiliary options on the right:

eBay sign

< - [eBay] - select the necessary option from the proposed eBay list

Value from database

< - The database sign allows to select the field with the necessary value from the store database

< - This sign appears only in front of the own-created specifics and serves for erasing unnecessary data from the specifics list.

Also, some positions have a single list of options, from which you can choose the necessary value.

Single value in Items specifics

To be able to add to the existing ones your own item specifics, use the corresponding button:

Add Own Item Specifics

Specify value in the newly created specific field. To move forward press the [Next] button.

eBay Listing Options:

Export Settings tab

This step provides the following settings fields:

Export Settings tab

The "Export Methods" pane consists of the following checkboxes:

  • "Create new eBay items" - replenish eBay listings with new acquisitions.
  • "Update existing active eBay items" - allows to update previously exported on eBay products data only with active status.
  • "Relist item if it is inactive" - refresh the list of your eBay items after export, if it is currently inactive.

The "Export Product Options" pane:

  • "Do not create items with truncated titles". On eBay, there are some restrictions on the item titles that allow to place the products with the name up to 80 characters, in other cases, titles will be truncated. Current option helps to avoid adding to an eBay listing items with the cropped names.
  • "Export product only if quantity > 0". Items with quantity 1 and higher will be exported to an eBay store.
  • "Export only "In stock" products". The products with the status "In stock" will be exported.
  • "Do not update quantity if item exists". This checkbox is suitable during updating previously exported data on eBay (when the checkbox "Update existing active eBay items" is selected) and allows to leave the quantity of the existing products without changes. The rest of information will be updated.
  • "Export only new products exports". Only new records from the current listing will be exported.
New Items in Products Listing

For example, if "Export only new products" option is checked, addon will skip export procedure for products that are already on eBay and will run it only for new positions. After exporting, 722 new products will be created and all old items will remain unchanged.

Pricing, Location, Scheduling, Picture Settings tab

Pricing, Location, Scheduling, Picture Settings

This tab is divided into several panes:

1. "Listing Format and Pricing"

There are the fields related to the product price that allow you to set one of the two listing formats: "Fixed Price" and "Online auction".

Listing Format types
  • "Fixed Price" - the price value is fixed for an entire range of the eBay store. Configure the price formula by using the list of possible operands. Press the [Insert] button to perform this.
Product Price Macros

In case products have variations (for example, T-shirt can be in different colors and sizes), use the option for insertion to add the attribute value related to the product variations:

Variation price macros

The [Test Formulas] button allows to verify the correctness of the specified formula(s):

Test formulas button
  • "Online Auction" - an auction price type displays fields related to a starting price of a product and a promotional price.
Online Auction fields

Use the [Test Formulas] option to check if the formula(s) is correct.

Note: in case the "Fixed Price" of Listing Format is chosen, you can see the "Best Offer" checkbox:

Best Offer checkbox

Activate this condition to allow your buyers to offer their own price for a particular item. You are able to set the rules that will control whether the price is accepted or rejected automatically.

  • The first option (rule_1) means the price of the offer cannot be greater than the fixed price (configure in percentage).
  • The rule number 2 - the value of the auto-rejection must be greater than the value of auto-acceptance (is displayed in percentage terms).
Best Offer Rules

2. The "Listing Start Time" pane

To be able to postpone the launch of the products listing on eBay, add it to the schedule by checking the relevant checkbox on the right side:

Listing Start Time area

Note: this option is available for additional fee according to eBay tariffs, and costs 10 cents for each product. For instance, if you have the catalog with 20 items, the launch of the schedule will cost for you - 20*0.10=2$ etc.

Take into account, the price value may vary depending on a country and currency that are currently used.

The schedule includes the start date and exact time of launching catalog to the eBay sales.

To activate Listing immediately select the following checkbox:

Start Listing Immedialtely

3. The "Item Location (Store Address)" pane

Specify the store address where the products are available by filling the relevant fields in the "Item Location" pane:

Item Location area

In case the additional "eBay UK" checkbox is selected (see an illustration below) the current Products Listing will be visible on the international site as well (i.e. eBay UK) - International Site Visibility area.

International Site Visibility

It helps customers on the eBay UK store see a newly-created listing exactly as the users see it at the original source site.

4. The "Picture Settings" pane

The images gallery at the eBay store is supported by eBay or Self Picture Hosting.

Picture Settings area

Depending on which type you choose, there are two appropriate conditions of the image display:

Select Picture Hosting
  • "eBay picture hosting" allows displaying up to 12 images on the Product page for free.
  • "Self picture hosting" uploads the gallery from your store's site directly. Has some limitation: only one illustration per item is allowed to display.

Note: in case you need to upload additional images for product previewing, select the checkbox as shown below.

Gallery plus checkbox

You should take into account, this offer is performed for additional fee and depending on the country and currency of the eBay store.

The [Next] button allows to move to another step.

You can see next one of the following tabs depending on the individual settings of your eBay store.

Business Policies

You should fill all fields of the current tab since they are mandatory.

Business Policies tab

Once some modifications concerning shipping or payment settings are made from the eBay Admin Panel but didn’t reflect on the certain page, press the button to refresh it.

Payments. Returns

The necessary fields relate to the payment methods and return conditions should be checked.


If your store anticipates some specific payment rules they can be prescribed in the relevant text box on the right. Take a note, the text content has a limited number of characters - up to 500!

Payments and Returns


If returns are not stipulated in your store, select the relevant checkbox. Otherwise you should fill the corresponding return form as shown below.

Specify any comments or conditions regarding return policy in the store in the right pane (allowed limit in characters is 5000 ).

Accept returns form


The "Shipments" tab displays the main settings on items packaging, i.e. package type and measurement system which is used at the store.

Shipments tab

There are some settings of each section available in the drop-down lists, submitted below:

    • "Package Size" - >
Package size
  • "Store measurement system" presented at your store - >
Measurement system
  • "Weight units" - >
Weight units
  • "Size units" - >
Size units

Listing Design

The "Visitor Counter" pane shows the number of visitors who have viewed your listing on eBay.

Visitor counter list

The "Themes" pane is used to specify the appropriate theme and design of your listing on an eBay marketplace.

To make a design of your listing, activate the relevant fields in the current tab. Select the [Add theme] checkbox:

Check &#39;Add Theme&#39; checkbox

Note: all themes are chargeable, according to the eBay pricing, and cost 30 cents for each product that you are exporting. So if, for example, you are planning to transfer 20 positions of goods on an eBay marketplace, to use the selected theme you should pay (20 * 0.30) = $ 6. This amount will be taken by the eBay’s settlement system from your eBay account after exporting.

Select theme list

Export Products Template

Export Products Template allows you to set up the corresponding fields. Here you can see 2 required fields - "Title" and "Description".

Using right-click, select the table from your database that will be used as a "Title" (we have selected [product_name]) and specify product "Description".

Export Products Template

You should also add additional information to the fields in the left. To do so, right-click next to each position and choose the required product field.

Add macros to the field option

Macros are represented with the drop-down list and can be added to the selected field if you press the [Add] button:

Add macros button

The details will be linked in the right. Besides, in the "Description" field you can use common HTML tags after pressing the appropriate option. It opens the "HTML editor" form.

Edit as HTML

There is also the possibility to fill all data automatically. Press the [Fill Automatically] button to perform this action.

Fill automatically button

To be able to preview export data, press the [Next] button.

Export Preview Data. Scheduling

"Export Preview Data" allows you to check all information that will be exported.

Preview Export Data Form

Also, you can use the special buttons on the top toolbar to check/uncheck export status in selected items, edit description and apply changes.

Preview Export Data Toolbar

Make sure that all products you would like to be exported are selected.

In addition, the current operation can be automatically launched according to the scheduler settings specified in the appropriate form.

Press the option in the middle to create the task.

Preview Export Data

Specify task name and choose the configuration from a list.

Chose task configuration and name

While using bridge connection type, get and post data actions should be checked as well.

If the task in scheduler is performed, you will receive a notification on your email indicated in the following field:

Send email to..field

Scheduled task can be launched monthly, daily, weekly, or once.

Depending on the period you have chosen fill the fields, which appear below, to configure a timetable of the current operation:

  • "Daily" - >
Schedule Task Daily
  • "Monthly" - >
Schedule Task Monthly
  • "Weekly" - >
Schedule Task Weekly
  • "Once" - >
Schedule Task at once

To be able to make a task repetitive for a certain period of time, fill the fields at the bottom of the form:

Scheduled Task repeat

Do not forget to press [OK] to save all your entries in this form.

On the last step, you can check the report. "Export Status" allows you to check products that were exported to an eBay store.

Finish step of Export

Note: by clicking the product icon, you will move to the product page on an eBay marketplace and check details that were exported.