3.1 Start-up

The new version of the plugin represents some updates in eBay Integration functional.

To start working with the eBay Integration eBay you can perform the following actions in the Products page of Store Manager:

1) Select products on the Products page and call the context menu. Choose ‘Add to eBay Listing’ command there (the screen-capture below was taken from the Store Manager for Magento).

Please note, the template of Products Context menu as well as the other sections varies depending on Store Manager shopping cart type (for Prestashop, for OpenCart, for VirtueMart, for Magento etc).

Add products to eBay listing

It deploys a form with all available listings created during the previous export processes in eBay addon.

eBay listing form from the Context Menu

Once products have been added, you will see a pop-up message with the following information:

Pop-up message

2) Launch eBay Integration addon from the Addons upper section of Store Manager as well (the illustration was taken from the Store Manager for Prestashop).

eBay Integration Addon from the Addons section

If you run eBay operation in the first time you will see the default Welcome page :

Default Welcome Page of Addon

In case you have performed the operations in addon previously, the Welcome page will be divided into the two panels:

Two panels on Welcome Page

For example, before starting new export process, you can see summary results of the previous actions and their status (successfully, failed, partially done).

After clicking on the ‘Details’ option you can see what positions were not processed properly and the reasons (error messages) for the failure.

Re-Launch Action

Go back to start the new process. Choose one of the actions listed on the left:

Choose Export Products Action