Modify Listing

In case, you performed export operations before and saved configurations, you can make some modifications in the listing.

In the "Edit" form you can see some positions in green - these are the items which have been exported on eBay before and have the eBay ID.

Use the top options to perform the following operations with the existing listing:

    • [Add Products] - upload new items to the listing from selected categories. Check the Category(ies) that you want to upload items from to add them to the new Listing

  • [Remove Selected] - highlighted products will be removed from a listing.

Note: to restore a list of products that just have been removed or modified, click the [Back] button and confirm the following action in the pop-up notification:

When you exit the "Edit" form, the content of the listing will be restored before modifications.

    • If the listing has positions in red, these items are removed from a store and will not be processed during export. You can delete them by using the [Clear Missing] button.