3.3 Synchronization

Synchronization is performed to update the details (price, quantity, description and status) of existing at eBay products.

To start the process hit "Synchronization" button, select the appropriate configuration and confirm this operation clicking on the ‘Next’ button.

Synchronize process

Make the main selections on the page with the general options to be able to proceed:

Sync General Options step

On the next step you should specify the identification fields and choose the method of data synchronization in the appropriate area - they are mandatory:

Synchronization Options page

Take into account on the item identification fields:

eBay Sync Identification Fields

Update active eBay items checkboxes:

Update item with active status
    1. Update item price - change the price on eBay on the value indicated in the store database;
    2. Update items quantity (for fixed price items only) - if the products on eBay have the fixed not the auction price, their quantities will be modified on the ones specified in the store database;
    3. Update items description - allows update description on products based on the available information in the store;

You can perform some bulk operations in the scheduled listings:

1. End active or delete scheduled listings.

End or Delete Scheduled Listings

This can be possible if you check the current field and choose one of the following conditions:

- when a product which data should be updated is not available or out of stock;

Out of stock dropdown

- when a product's availability for updating is less than specified number of units;

Quantity is less then...field

2. Relist inactive items if:

Relist inactive items

- if products contained in the store and involved in synchronization are active and have the status "In Stock"

Product enabled and 'In stock' status

- each unit of product which is higher than the value specified in the appropriate field leads to the relisting such product in eBay catalog:

The product quantity is greater then..field

Additional fields of relisting area:

Additional fields of relisting

- Change price of relisted item - such items will be modified with the new price values which are currently available in the store;

- Change quantity of relisted item - related to the items with the fixed price on eBay and allows to modify the amount of products during synchronization;

- Change items description - update description content based on the actual products information at the store.

Update product description

Use the lower buttons to configure the content :

- 'Insert Macro' button - the macros help to upload the data from the appropriate field of the store database which will be displayed on the Product page in Description tab.

- If you want to add some additional text you can use ‘Edit as HTML’ button to launch the HTML editor form and such content will be shown on the eBay front-end.

For example, you need to supplement text of product description.

To activate the Item Description Template box on the right firstly check the field responsible for updating the items description on the left:

Description area

In the right panel there are also the options to change (update) price values by using the expression formula:

Test Formulas button

Choose the required macro for each price field to form the necessary formula and hit ‘Test Formulas’ to verify the correctness of the indicated schemes(as you can see in the illustration above).

From the last addon's update (starting from the ver. 3.3.3:423) there is a possibility to update the price values of the variable products on eBay store too.

The appropriate field is appeared on the Options step during eBay synchronization process.

Variation price formula field

So, once the price of the products with variations has been changed in the online store you are able to apply such modification to the similar eBay positions as well, just specifying the price attribute in the Variation price formula field. Use 'Insert' button to choose the necessary macro as you can see in the illustration above.

You should note, such field contains only the Fixed variations price value.

Take into account, the particular form - 'Item price Options' with the required field, can be available once the 'Update item price' condition in the left side is checked.

Synchronization options activate

Then press the button to launch the synchronization.

Synchronization process

Click on one of the product links in the summary step:

Finish step

You should see the modified description field with an extra text and the updated variation price values on the eBay Product page:

The results on eBay