3.4 Map Products

In case you have already exported products from your store to the eBay marketplace and just want to link (map) them with the corresponding eBay items, choose the command 'Map Products' on the welcome plugin's page.

Map products on Welcome page

Make sure, you have filled the fields on the initial step before starting, i.e.:

1) eBay site and currency you are going to attract in mapping;

2) the store language;

Mapping general options

Please take into account, if you are using Store Manager for Magento in a certain field you can see the drop-down list with the appropriate store views! (as in the screen-capture above).

3) the store configuration.

You can see the map configuration options in the top of the left panels. By helping with the available configurations can be renamed, removed, activated, saved and restored.

Mapping General Options

To create new configuration use such button and specify configuration name:

Add map configuration

4) opposite the mapping configurations list there are the options allow to upload or add account by which current operation will be performed. The triangle option calls the drop-down menu with all previously registered and already used account names:

Account dropdown list

Add new user to the account list - press ‘Register’ and go through the registration steps to get the account or fill the form (specify username and password) to login to the account which is the already registered but not added to the existing list yet.

Register on Sign In actions

The following message in green notifies about the successful connection and provides with the ability to proceed.

Signed in notification

5) take into account the eBay Items Identification area below:


If you manage multi-store and for arrangement tables at the store database use the option to create the eBay_ID field for each store view separately:

specify own eBay ID field

Go to the next step - there are store products listed in the table, which have to be mapped with eBay items.

Mapping allows linking store products to the appropriate eBay items.

Opposite of each product name column you can see the appropriate column with eBay item and its mapping status- relevance.

Map products with eBay etems

Specify the minimum relevance value in the upper field and click on the appropriate option from the top toolbar to start mapping automatically.

Specify relevance value

In this case, the plugin will find and upload the most suitable positions from eBay based on the value specified in ‘Minimum Relevance Value’ box. The column ‘Automap Relevance’ on the right displays the measure of the results compliance to the target, indicated in the search request. The smaller relevance value, the less products meet the expected (desired) results. Such variants you can change manually by opening the drop-down list with the eBay items opposite the positions you need:

Mapping Manually

Press ‘Post changes’ option to save mapped data on eBay store. Summary results you can see on the final page of the mapping process:

Mapping Final step

If the 'eBay item' column is empty after mapping is completed, that means the products data of your store do not have analogs on eBay market (were not previously exported) and you cannot perform the process to the end.

No mapping to post

On the Welcome page of the addon you can preview all operations which were performed through the plugin previously:

Take into account the ‘Home’ button at the bottom. It allows to return to the initial addon page to perform other operations without closing / opening Wizard.

Mapping 'Home' button