Pricing, Location, Scheduling, Picture Settings

This tab is divided into several panes:

  • Listing Format and Pricing

Listing Format and Pricing

There are the fields related to the product price that allows you to set one of the two listing formats: "Fixed Price" and "Online auction".

  • Fixed Price - the price value is fixed for an entire range of the eBay store. Configure the price formula by using the list of possible operands. Press the [Insert] button to perform this.

In case products have variations (for example, T-shirt can be in different colors and sizes), use the option for insertion to add the attribute value related to the product variations:

The [Test Formulas] button allows to verify the correctness of the specified formula(s):

  • Online Auction - an auction price type displays fields related to a starting price of a product and a promotional price.

Use the [Test Formulas] option to check if the formula(s) is correct.

Note: in case the "Fixed Price" of Listing Format is chosen, you can see the "Best Offer" checkbox:

Activate this condition to allow your buyers to offer their own price for a particular item. You are able to set the rules that will control whether the price is accepted or rejected automatically.

  • The first option (rule_1) means the price of the offer cannot be greater than the fixed price (configure in percentage).

  • The rule number 2 - the value of the auto-rejection must be greater than the value of auto-acceptance (is displayed in percentage terms).

2. The "Listing Start Time" pane

To be able to postpone the launch of the products listing on eBay, add it to the schedule by checking the relevant checkbox on the right side:

Note: this option is available for additional fee according to eBay tariffs, and costs 10 cents for each product. For instance, if you have the catalog with 20 items, the launch of the schedule will cost for you - 20*0.10=2$ etc.

Take into account, the price value may vary depending on a country and currency that are currently used.

The schedule includes the start date and exact time of launching catalog to the eBay sales.

To activate Listing immediately select the following checkbox:

3. The "Item Location (Store Address)" pane

Specify the store address where the products are available by filling the relevant fields in the "Item Location" pane:

In case the additional "eBay UK" checkbox is selected (see an illustration below) the current Products Listing will be visible on the international site as well (i.e. eBay UK) - International Site Visibility area.

It helps customers on the eBay UK store see a newly-created listing exactly as the users see it at the original source site.

4. The "Picture Settings" pane

The images gallery at the eBay store is supported by eBay or Self Picture Hosting.

Depending on which type you choose, there are two appropriate conditions of the image display:

  • "eBay picture hosting" allows displaying up to 12 images on the Product page for free.

  • "Self picture hosting" uploads the gallery from your store's site directly. Has some limitation: only one illustration per item is allowed to display.

Note: in case you need to upload additional images for product previewing, select the checkbox as shown below.

You should take into account, this offer is performed for additional fee and depending on the country and currency of the eBay store.

The [Next] button allows to move to another step.

You can see next one of the following tabs depending on the individual settings of your eBay store.