Preview Export Data

Preview Export Data step allows you to check all information that will be exported.

Also, you can use the special buttons on the top toolbar to check/uncheck export status in selected items and apply changes.

Make sure that all products you would like to be exported are selected.


In addition, the current operation can be automatically launched according to the scheduler settings specified in the appropriate form.

Press the option in the middle to create the task.

Specify task name and choose the configuration from a list.

While using bridge connection type, get and post data actions should be checked as well.

If the task in scheduler is performed, you will receive a notification on your email indicated in the following field:

Scheduled task can be launched monthly, daily, weekly, or once.

Depending on the period you have chosenб fill the fields, which appear below, to configure a timetable of the current operation:

  • "Daily" - >

  • "Monthly" - >

  • "Weekly" - >

  • "Once" - >

To be able to make a task repetitive for a certain period of time, fill the fields at the bottom of the form:

Do not forget to press [OK] to save all your entries in this form.

On the last step, you can check the report. "Export Status" allows you to check products that were exported to an eBay store.

Note: By clicking the product icon, you will move to the product page on an eBay marketplace and check details that were exported.

Note: Account username will not show in the drop-down list until a user logs in to the eBay Integration addon using his/her username/password. In case, a user is not registered yet or needs to add a new account to the list, follow the following steps: