How to Export Configurable Products from Magento to eBay

Tapping into additional sales channels has become a smart maneuver allowing you to access an immense customer base and expand business coverage. Surely, having accomplished Magento eBay integration you bring the merchandise to a large audience. Your chances to be seen increase a hundred times more which might positively influence your revenues.

Magento is known to maintain multi-component products, among which we distinguish configurable ones. When integrating your store with eBay, you would definitely prefer to display configurable products under your account.

A recent eBay Integration addon (v. update, introduces new possibilities to you as an online merchant, to be more precise you can now sell Magento configurable products on eBay.


The eBay integration is built into the Store Manager software, and cannot be accessed separately. 

Professional Edition of Magento Store Manager includes free access to the eBay addon and does not require a license to register the addon. For users who work with Standard Edition, the addon license can be purchased additionally -

Important! Please note that eBay limits the number of free monthly listings. Therefore, if you perform sample export from Store Manager to eBay we recommend you to do it with 1 product (or a few products). Thus you will be able to test the addon and avoid exhausting your free seller limit.

How to get started with Magento eBay integration and what steps does the export process include? Further down this tutorial we’ll cover the whole process for seamless export of Magento configurable products on eBay. 


To export product associations to eBay, you should either select main configurable products or main products with their associated products. If you select only associated simple products, relations will not be exported and, as a result, simple product listings will be created on eBay. 

2. Addon starting page asks you to select the required action. Press Create New and or select the existing listings to go further.

3. If you choose to Create a new listing, check the following:

4. Now, you can select the newly created listing from the list: 

5. Make sure to confirm adding of the products.

6. Select the 'Export Products' option

7. Now, click 'Add Configuration' and select the New Listing

 or proceed with the previously added configuration

8. Pay attention to the General Options:

If you want to Save eBay API and responses to log files, check the corresponding checkbox;

As for eBay Items Identification, you need to select the field to store eBay items ID.

9. To proceed, let's use the previously created listing configuration.

Modify Listing option allows to manage the previously created Listing;

Delete Configuration option allows to delete the previously created Listing;

More Actions option allows to: 

10. When you select the Modify Listing option, you will see the previously added product(s). Here you can see its Product ID, eBay ID, Product SKU, Product Name, and Category.  You can also Add Products, Remove or Clear Missing. If all is correct, click Save to get back to the General Options page. 

11. Check all settings here and click Next to go further.

At the next step, you can see the general mapping to eBay Categories. Select the eBay category you would like to sell variations in.

Please note, that greyed-out categories can not be mapped to your store categories. They have subcategories, and to see them, you need to expand the category list. 

Important Note!

Configurable product listing on eBay is limited to categories. Not all eBay categories accept variations and you should consider it when setting up categories on this step. Follow this list to access the entire list of directories, your Magento configurable products can be exported to, and make sure you have selected the appropriate one in the eBay Integration addon - 

We will select the Clothing, Shoes & Accessories - > Men - > Men's Clothing - > Shirts - > T-Shirts

12. Add item specifics to be outlined on the eBay product page. 

*Fields marked with an asterisk are compulsory and you have to set their values either from your Magento database field or from eBay.

The following step of Magento eBay integration configuring contains;

Adjust these fields as per your requirements and check the resulting template.


Consider the ‘Listing format’ option in price settings. To dispose of Magento configurable products on eBay, your listing format should be set to ‘Fixed Price’. Afterward, you need to select the field, which the price value will be taken from. 

13. Preview Magento configurable products to be listed on the marketplace.

14. Confirm the export of Magento configurable products on eBay and wait until summary window appears.

As we can see, the configurable products have been exported to eBay and are now available for customers.

eBay Integation for Magento introduces new advantage allowing to export configurable products to one of the largest marketplaces. You can preserve product relations and present the range of variations on eBay contributing minimum efforts to it.