The Shipments tab displays the main settings on items packaging, i.e. package type and measurement system which is used at the store.

There are some settings of each section available in the drop-down lists, submitted below:

Shipping services section allows to select the supported shipments with offered terms depending on the selected shipping service:

after you selecte the service, you can calculate the shipping cost using the predefined formulas:

or set the formula to calculate the cost for each additional item

addon allows to select 3 different shipping methods and calculate the cost

After that, you can select the Handling time - the number of business days needed to ship the item after the payment is 'cleared'.

*A payment is considered 'cleared' after the money is deposited into the seller’s account. If the buyer pays by PayPal, the payment may clear immediately. However, in categories where permitted, if the buyer pays by check, money order, or Check, it may take several days. Read more at

You can also select the Calculated Shipping Type. In this case, you have to set the Packaging and Handling fee for each selected Shipping service and set the Calculated Shipping Settings

Calculated Shipping Settings provdies the possibility to set the Package size and/or check the option 'Irregular or unusual package'

Select the Store measurement system

and select the Weight units

same as Size units

The International (Shipping outside selected eBay site country) section should be set if you want to sell your products to the other country. Similary to Domestic shipings, you can select the Flat or Calculated Shipping Type

If you select the Calculated Shipping Type, yon can select the country from the Locations list and calculate the Packaging and Handling Fee