Map General eBay Categories

Click on the "eBay Category Name" field and open the eBay categories drop-down list for mapping. Current stage of the process allows to link eBay categories to your store categories.

This page does not display all eBay categories. Only category associations for products from the current listing are displayed here.

Note: the categories which are grey-outed and cannot be mapped are the root eBay categories. You should expand current category tree to find the positions for linking with the relevant categories of your store:

Options available at this page include:

  • [Map Selected Categories] - only highlighted categories and their products will be linked with the corresponding eBay categories.

  • [Clear All Mapping] allows to cancel the previous mapping.

  • [Automap Relevance] means a minimum measure of compliance of the target results assigned in the search request. In other words, the greater percentage in this field, the greater conformity (similarity) will be between eBay products and items, which are exporting.


Starting from the last addon's update (version 3.3.2:422) you can use the additional eBay category in mapping. This service is paid and costs 35 cents per product in accordance with the rates on eBay:

Press [Next] to continue. You will see the following message if you have categories without mapping: You can leave as they are or map the rest ones from a list manually and proceed.

Note: product will not be exported to eBay until the category, it belongs to, is mapped with eBay category.

Map Your Personal eBay Store Categories

For more convenience, you can built own category tree in the eBay store Admin panel. On this step you are able to map products to your own categories positions.

To launch auto-mapping of categories press [Automap Categories] on the toolbar.

The [Refresh eBay Store Categories List] button helps to update the recent page and see the latest data.

You can skip the current step and press [Next] to proceed.