2.2 Map Products

In case you have already exported products from your store to the eBay marketplace and just want to link (map) them with the corresponding eBay items, choose the command 'Map Products' on the welcome plugin's page.

Map Products

You have to specify:

Select General Options in Mapping step

- eBay site and currency, where your exported items are placed;

- your store's language;

- your store configuration. Opposite the current field are options which allow you to edit selected settings name, add new configuration name or remove one from the existing list (see an illustration below).

Mapping configuration area

You can save all operations performed by using the Addon and which you can see in the drop-down list of 'eBay addon configuration' field to a separate file.

Save or restore configurations

Click on the appropriate button for saving and press the next button to restore them to another location.

This enables to use the same addon's settings on different machines which economize your time and speeds up the implementation of the necessary operations.

To accelerate the process and the data will be display correctly click on the 'Clear Cached eBay Data' before starting.

Clear cached data

By clicking on the 'Next' button you will move to the following step - field eBay identification selection.

Product Mapping Option

There are some requirements:

- the field should be separate by which the previously exported items can be identified;

- recommend to leave selected field 'ebay_id' by default.

Go to the next step - there are store products listed in the table, which have to be mapped with eBay items. In front of each product name's column you can see the appropriate column with eBay item and its mapping status.

Product Linking with eBay Items

Specify the minimum relevance value in the upper field and click on the appropriate option from the top toolbar to start mapping automatically.

Map top toolbar

If the 'eBay item' column is empty after mapping is completed, that means the products data of your store do not have analogs on eBay market (were not previously exported) and you cannot perform the process to the end.

No mapping changes to post

If this column has related products - you have an opportunity to complete mapping by clicking on the 'Post Changes' button.

Get the next summary window with such information:

Mapping finish

This process is successfully completed.

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