2.5. Import eBay Orders

With this plugin, you сan create new and update existing orders at your store based on the orders from eBay.

To start orders import, press the [Import eBay Orders] button in the Addon wizard.

Import orders from eBay

Step 1. Select the necessary store configuration.

Select General Options step

The "Configuration" area allows to pull the configuration name, which is currently use while importing, automatically. However, you can change a certain name on a new one by pressing the button on the right.

Add new configuration

Specify the configuration name in the form which appears and press [OK] for activation.

The bulk options below help to save or restore all configurations available at the Addon's wizard at once.

Save/Restore Configuration

Plugin recognizes the accounts that have been used previously. Open hidden list to choose the account name you need.

Account dropdown list

If you want to add a new user, press the [Add] button and fill the fields in the form to sign up. To get a new eBay account, fill the registration form.

Sign in or Register new user form

To delete an account from an existing list, use the button for removal.

Delete account option

If you want all operations to be reflected in the logs file, select the corresponding checkbox below.

Save to logs file

[Clear Cached eBay Data] will speed up the import of your data from eBay and its correct display at your store.

Clear cached ebay data

To be able to perform the operation for necessary eBay site, open the dropdown list and choose the site and appropriate currency which is activated on it.

Select eBay site and currency

Indicate the language that is used at your store in the dropdown list below:

Select store language

Press [Next] to proceed. You will move to the next step where you should specify the following data:

Import orders options

The "eBay Items Identification" area:

  • If you have the field which contains the corresponding eBay orders ID, choose it from the drop-down list. In other case, select the first variant and new field with eBay orders ID will be created.

  • Select field that contains eBay product ID. We strongly recommended to leave this field by default.

eBay Items Identification

In the "Import Options" area specify a period in days for which you want to import orders (the maximum value is 90 days) and check the statuses of orders for importing.

Import options area

In the "Order Status Mapping" area please note:

  • Associate orders status of your store with the relevant statuses on eBay marketplace

Order status mapping
  • Fields of shipment - find among them the list of shipment methods, set on eBay, those, which can be related to the available methods at your store. Specify the relevant positions.

Shipment method mapping
  • Map the payment method fields from eBay with the relevant fields at your store.

payment method mapping

When all changes are done, you can press the [Next] button to proceed.

The next step displays those orders that met your previously specified parameters and conditions.

Preview Orders step

You can choose orders you want to transfer by selecting the corresponding boxes next to the each position. The unselected ones will be shown in green.

By clicking on the [Import] option you launch the import process.

On the summary page you can see the results of importing and the errors, if any.

Results page of importing

To be able to investigate nonimported details, check the logs file. Open it by using the following options :

Open Log file

Return to the previous steps in case you want to correct some data and reimport them again.

'Back' option from te results page